GSMP Mentees

The primary role of the GSMP mentee is to engage in the mentoring network created for first-year mentees. This means a mentee should make an effort to remain open to engaging in conversations about topics the mentee and mentor feel are important. Faculty, postdocs, and peer mentors are well aware of campus resources and are here to help direct mentees to these. We expect this experience to be as valuable for the mentors as it is for the mentees.


GSMP Mentees must:

Maintain good academic standing

Meet with their mentoring cluster or peer mentor once per week

Meet with faculty mentors and postdoc mentors once per quarter

Attend one group meeting per quarter

Attend one GSMP event (mixer, workshop, etc) per quarter.


If at any time a mentee feels they are struggling with issues with which the peer mentor has no experience, we suggest that they:

  1. Contact other peer mentors who may have valuable advice concerning the particular situation,
  2. Contact the faculty or postdoc mentor of the cluster for help responding to the situation, or
  3. Contact the GSMP Coordinator, or the GradSuccess Director, for help with the situation.