Established in 2010, the Graduate Student Mentorship Program (GMSP) facilitates and transforms the graduate student experience at UCR. GSMP supports 100 incoming graduate student mentees, half from the humanities, arts, social sciences, and education, and the other half in STEM fields. Incoming mentees are assigned to both peer and faculty mentors in their own or a related discipline. Over the course of their first academic year, mentees gain access to support, advice, resources, and community as GSMP participants.

The GSMP has four main goals:

  1. To lower graduate student attrition, especially among the most vulnerable populations, by connecting first-year students to campus resources;
  2. Help first-year graduate students transition from undergraduate programs or careers into graduate study;
  3. Professionalize mentors and help them develop effective mentoring and networking practices; and
  4. Create a network of mentors and build a sense of graduate student community.

All incoming PhD and MFA students are contacted in May and invited to participate.

Two female GSMP participants on hike
My peer mentor is amazing. She went out of her way to send us cool opportunities and useful workshops. She offered to be there to talk to whenever we needed it, whether it be about school or just life.
Anonymous Participant
My peer mentor was also in the same department as I was, so it was really helpful to talk to him about department-specific requirements, such as what to do for the first annual review meeting. He was very open to discussing specific topics and had a lot to say about getting a head start.
Anonymous Participant
Four male GSMP participants at dinner
GSMP participant standing in green field on hike
The Special Topic Peer Mentors were really great in helping with time management, organization, communication, and other helpful tips. My faculty mentor was really encouraging and helped me set goals for each quarter.
Anonymous Participant
I really enjoyed my time in the GSMP this year. I learned a lot about resources available and made many friends. I definitely want to continue to be a part of the program in the future.
Anonymous Participant
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